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Clever BoxMan 2.50

Clever BoxMan is an enriched remake of the old classic Sokoban
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Clever BoxMan is a puzzle game played in 2D graphics mode. It is a logic and strategy puzzle game with a very user-friendly environment presentation. It is very easy to operate and can be played with just a left mouse click. It has various sceneries, nice background music and sounds. Users can switch between given two sceneries and can turn music off and on any time. The game has many maps, and solutions are given for all of them.

Rules for playing the game are very simple. You are a clever box man in this game, whose job is to place all boxes right on their places. You can only push but not pull the boxes around the maze and cannot push more than one box at a time. You can move the box man in two ways. Place your mouse cursor at the place where you want box man to go and then click the left mouse button. You can also use the arrow keys from your keyboard to move the box man. Moving the box man with the mouse is fully automatic and the computer will decide the shortest path for the place where you want box man to go. You can also undo as many steps as you like. This game supports shortcut keys for every menu. You can also create your own maps and you can upload your own solutions. All in all, it is quite a substantial successor of the old classic Sokoban.

Manoj Goel
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  • An interesting puzzle game for the whole family
  • Supports mouse and keyboard
  • 2 graphics sceneries available
  • Many maps are available, and you also get to create your own


  • Graphics quality is very low
  • Statistics are available for only the last 10 games
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